Vision, mission and values

Our vision is to be the best in our market within underfloor heating and pipe systems for tap water and heating.

With an international perspective and a national presence, we ensure innovative, price competitive and well customized systems of high quality combined with competent support and logistics solutions.


We have a high level of professional competence and are professional in our approach to all tasks. We always comply all agreements reached at the agreed time and quality. This applies to all business partners including customers, suppliers and colleagues.

From the company’s goals and vision we always work whole-heartedly and passionately.
We work hard at being the best at what we do. We are persistent, hard-working and focused to achieve our goals.
Our ambition presupposes and requires that we continuously improve our skills, products and processes.

We show mutual interest to colleagues and great courtesy to customers and other partners.
We show understanding and recognition of each other’s work and is responsive to others’ opinions and attitudes.
We give and receive constructive feedback - both positive and negative.

We are willing to change and challenge always the existing. We have the courage to put forward new ideas and pursue them.
We are looking for new knowledge and inspiration both internally and externally. We use each other in a stimulating and constructive way.
We always seek to be one step ahead of our competitors.